I will not apolagize for being right....

I'm sorry but if you happen to say or do something that is wrong then I will correct you. I don't like people going around with the notion that something they said or did is the right thing when there is evidence to the contrary. I don't do this in a mean way, I simply tell them and that is all. I don't belittle them, I don't ridicule them, I don't look down on them, and I certainly don't look for mistakes so I can correct them. I'm sorry if it angers you and if you would like it to stop then I have one suggestion for you.... make sure you know what your talking about and THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

-...and as I looked upon my own reflection I saw a thing I did not recognize... I saw myself.-
^V^ -Wes- ^V^
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Let me tell you a story....

No wait there is too much. I'll sum up. She left me. No I haven't crawled to the bottom of a bottle. I really screwed this one up and I don't think I can fix it. No I didn't cheat, I was just my usual self. That seemed enough to push her away. That was two months ago.

-(I got nothing.... no words of wisdom or movie quotes... nothing)-
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Fun before Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey cats and kittens, as many of you know my girlfriend (Chris) and I are moving to Las Vegas. It seems that we have gotten our apt and will be leaving on Aug. 10 (I know, I know, 8 days!) but before that we are trying to get friends and family together for one last HOOPLA! This Saturday we shall be at Orpheus for drinking and dancing shanannagins. We would like all of you to be in attendance because this will be our last party night in Baltimore. I ask that you also pass on this info to friends who have not yet been sucked in by myspace. I hope to see every one there so that it feels like it did years ago (you know.... when we went because it was "cool") If you can't make it and we don't see you before we leave, much love and take care.

-Necrosadistic Warnings-
^V^ Wes ^V^
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Well it's official......

It's looks like I'll be moving again.... and I couldn't be happier. By the end of the year I should be telling Maryland goodbye and saying hello to Las Vegas. I can't wait for a desert again. And nine months of summer. But I will have to leave the nice little cafe I've been working at. That's a bummer but it's a small price to pay. Anyhoo, I just wanted to pop on here and say hi.
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AT WHAT POINT IN TIME!....................

At what point in time did you all decide that i should be left out of the loop? Granted, im not in darkon any more .... but I think my warlord stepping down and my warmaster stepping into his place is something of importance ...I have spent my days telling everyone about darkon and sending them to the Chaos Horde, and have never ever left my beloved country, I feel betrayed. I found about Kreaton though someone who has left the country, I always thought if nothing else I was someone to talk to but, Lypainus (maybe spelled right)has decided not to talk to me and those involved have decicded I dont care.... WTF... Fine, you want me we're back (though Chakoo and I never left). Deal with us, you asked for it you got it.

-...Woe beunto those who incure my wrath for with me
comes a storm and then i am nature...
I Tyndril summon "MY" lightning...-
-Tyndril plays with gerbils Arcdruid of the Chaos Horde
Defiler of bunnies and Ravager of squirles
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Fundalmentaly fed up with life.....

As the title states I am fed up with being alive. That doesn't mean I will off myself. To explain...I no longer want to be alive, but given the lack of want to kill myself and the lack of dramatic death wish, I am left in te constant chaotic flux of anger, self loathing, frustration, and contempt. I would like to talk to someone..... but none of you know me, so that's how my life is going. And if you don't care, I've prepared a speech....."Your all a bunch of fucker's, I hope you all piss off, please extricate yourself from my life, and in closing, do die in a horrible way so that I can laugh and piss on your grave...."

......DO you think that went well?.....No?........what phrase in particular?

-I hate you all........myself in particular!-
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